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Adolescent and young adult transitions • Weight issues • Grief and illness counseling • Anxiety, depression, trauma and stress • Women's issues

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• Eating disorders • Addictions • Hospice • Hypnosis specialties include: • Weight issues • Smoking cessation • Joyful childbirth • Pain management.

Relief is possible.

Relief now for stress, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, panic attacks and grief

How anxiety and depression can feel: Some of us can suffer one or the other, or both anxiety and depression.  It can be very pronounced, feeling like you might jump out of your skin, or like the world is just falling apart, or, it may feel more like just an underlying feeling of discomfort, sadness or nervousness.  Or, you may have times of very high energy, for no apparent reason, that last longer than anyone else you know.

Generalized anxiety can be a feeling of edginess, or high anxiety for no apparent reason.

Social anxiety may be a feeling that someone is judging you, even though they don’t say anything.  It can cause you to avoid situations or live a lifestyle that may not suit you.

Grief and illness – Maybe you are very sick, or maybe a loved one is going through something that affects you deeply, such as catastrophic illness or death.  You may be feeling more tired, hopeless, angry or maybe the world has lost its color.

Mild depression may make you feel like there is a sadness that it is hard to get rid of.  It may come and go.  There may be a reason, or a few, or maybe no apparent reason.  It can be confusing.  You may feel tired or even a little sick.

Deep depression may bring a feeling of numbness, hopelessness or recklessness.  You may feel exhausted.  It is not, however, hopeless!  Relief is possible!

What is post traumatic stress? Most of us have a few remnants of more some stress and trauma from the past. Some people have severe trauma or stress they have lived through at some point. We may have had a reaction to that trauma or stress that was, at the time, a reasonable reaction. However, in some cases, the original reaction to trauma causes or creates a pattern of physical or emotional reaction to present situations that may be out of proportion to the actual current event. It continues to happen now. At the least severe, it can be annoying or frustrating. Sometimes it seems to get worse. At its most severe, it can be debilitating.

For example, Joanne B, age 40, was in an auto accident when she was six years old. She was not injured in the accident, but was shaken up badly and the car had to be towed. After the accident, she began feeling sick to her stomach in the car whenever she was on the same highway. As she got older, in her 20’s until now, the sickness has increased and spread to places other than driving on the original highway. The only way she feels okay is if she is driving, but can hardly get in a car when someone else drives. It gets in her way of having a normal life, though most of the time she can compensate. This is causing her to have stress and anxiety, far beyond the original situation. Joanne B has post-traumatic stress, and is a good candidate to understand the root cause in order to put it back in perspective and to relieve the symptoms permanently.

How do panic attacks feel?  Panic attacks can feel like a heart attack.  You can feel like you are going to faint, or even faint.  Your heart might race, you might feel like you have a rush of heat like a fast fever.  You might get confused, trouble focusing or your mind might race.  You could have trouble catching your breath or have shortness of breath.  You might also feel claustrophobic or feel like you cannot go outside or travel.  You could have one or two or any combination of these symptoms.  Different conditions might bring It on or it might feel like it is coming from nowhere with no warning.  It can happen once in a while or more than once a day.  It can feel like it is getting better and it can feel worse.  Relief is possible.

Listen to Your Body

Learn how to:
Manage fear and pain with special hypnotic techniques
Make the mind-body connection work
trust your body and experience the mysteries of your innate healing abilities

Benefits many report are:
greater comfort & less pain
breaking the fear-tension-pain cycle
feeling empowered and confident relief from chronic discomfort

Joyful Childbirth – Experience a joyful bonding experience with baby and partner. Learn techniques for working with your body’s contractions, and the concept of letting go with fear and trusting your body. You will learn about profound peace in the joyful process of giving birth to your child. See “Learn How To” (below)

Pain Management – Do you have chronic pain or discomfort that you have been unable to alleviate or control with conventional medical methods? Do you experience discomfort from fibromyalgia, migranes, arthritis, painful periods, chronic back pain, old sports injuries or chronic illness?

Listen to your Body – You will learn how to quiet your mind and turn inward to listen to your body. Your body talks. In fact, sometimes it screams for your attention using pain or discomfort as the communicator. By paying attention to what your body is saying, we can often get to the root cause of pain, relieving it, sometimes significantly. The body no longer has to get our attention in such a forceful or painful way.

Through combinations of talk therapy and holistic modalities including guided imagery, hypnosis, breathing, and 

deep relaxation, you will experience profound peace, reduced pain, control and relief.

Food Issues and Eating Disorders

Tune into and become aware of why you eat too much or too little, why you exercise too much, perhaps to the point of exhaustion, or know you should be hungry, but are not. Or – find out why you might be hungry all the time. This awareness can help you change patterns and release beliefs that hold you back from being your healthiest and happiest!

Weight Loss
Why are you hungry? What are you hungry for that you are filling with food? Has your weight become a health concern? Is it hard to stay away from foods you crave but you know are not healthy for you? Is exercise something that doesn’t seem to fit into your day? Would you like to fit into the clothes in your closet? Are you a stress eater?

Take control of your life and your health. You will enjoy healthy foods. You will increase your self-confidence and decrease stress. You will exercise easily and enjoyably. You will break the patterns and habits that hold you back from obtaining your ideal body weight.

This is a safe and proven method with lasting results. It does not involve the use of drugs or willpower. We will use discussion, guided imagery and post hypnotic suggestion to support you in rediscovering your healthful self.

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